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Core - Sensor 3S Bar

$680.00 CAD $750.00

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Core Sensor 3+ Bar

Third generation Sensor kitesurf bar from Core with divisible lines

The new Sensor 3+ is no longer comparable to its predecessor. Just about everything is new! Starting with the biggest change: the quick release. The new CIC (Core Intuitive Connect) system uses a "push-away" release. The safety system is clearly recognizable by the red part above the chickenloop. The chickenloop is easy to reassemble after the release by pushing the end of the chickenloop back into the safety system. The 24 meter lines of the Core Sensor 3+ bar are divided into 14, 8 and 2 meters so that you have endless line length options.
The next nice upgrade to the Core Sensor 3+ bar are the ends of the bar. These are not sharp and have rounded corners. With the help of the new Stealth Winders and the Live Wire system you can easily adjust the Sensor 3 bar in width from 50 to 46.5 centimeters. The new floats are not attached to the bar so that the lines can move freely in this way. The Sensor 3+ bar itself is equipped with a new Griploc striped padding with clear colors for right and left. The back even has a clear stop sign so that you always know at a glance whether you have properly secured your bar, even after a kiteloop bar spin!

In addition, a number of things have of course remained the same because they were simply already good. For example, the Sensor 3+ still has the same smooth auto-untwist system. The lines still come from the German kitesurfing lines manufacturer Liros and can hold 368 kilos each. The depower system uses a cleat for the most precise depower adjustment. The Core Sensor 3+ bar comes with a handy bar bag where you can always neatly store your Sensor 3.


  • 24 meter lines (18 + 4 +2)
  • High Y split
  • 46.5 - 50 centimeters
  • New CIC push away safety
  • New Stealth Winders
  • New Live Wire system
  • New Griploc grip
  • Liros lines

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    Core Kiteboarding

    Core - Sensor 3S Bar

    $680.00 CAD $750.00
    *IF SOLD OUT* - Please email us directly at to purchase this product directly, and check inventory availability.  ...
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