Eleveight Commander v3 Freestyle Twintip Board Demo – Kite Arcade
Eleveight kiteboarding
$650.00 $1,011.00


● High-performance freestyle twintip for hardcore maneuvers

● Medium to hard flex for immediate board control

● Multi-channel bottom design for ultimate grip

● Triax Carbon Composite stringer for optimized flex and durability

● Double Torsion Diffuser on tips for more pop and easy landings

/ RS V4 Changes

● Entirely new 3D top mold with a refined structure

● New innovative Parabolic Rail Shape technology, a tucked-under-edge for more grip and better upwind abilities

● New DTD Double Torsion Diffuser for a better power transition and less reverse flex

● Bevelled rails at various positions, optimizing flex pattern for more speed and an easy release

● Wider CFT Rebound Stringer for responsive flex

● Heel side carbon patches for better power transmission and more durability

● 100 % eco-friendly and plastic-free packaging


V3 has an entirely new 3D top mold with a refined structure, as well as a new wider CFT stringer for an insanely responsive rebound flex.

The New DTD Double Torsion Diffuser delivers better power transition and less reverse flex, and the new PRS technology adds even more grip and gives better upwind ability.

The beveled rails optimize flex giving more speed and an easy release, and the advanced flex pattern allows the rider to hold the edge much longer than with any other board.

The Paulownia 3D wood core and additional Triax Carbon Composite optimize the torsional stiffness, a key element in any take-off situation.

The Commander is the game-changer for hardcore freestyle riders, setting the bar of what is possible.