Eleveight Kite 0S V2 2021 Demo – Kite Arcade
Eleveight kiteboarding
$750.00 $1,716.84


  • One-strut midswept hybrid design
  • High-performance wing for foiling and free-ride
  • Ultra-responsive and dynamic turning speed
  • Medium aspect ratio optimized for lightwind usage
  • Medium sweep for low end performance and backstall prevention
  • Outstanding stability in all conditions
  • Feather-light weight design paired with an extra durable construction
  • Superior materials like X4 canopy and XT cloth made by Techno Force

DESIGN Vision:

Our brand new dedicated foil and freeride kite, the O-Series, redefines durable and sturdy build quality with a feather-light design. The one-strut Open-C Hybrid design with a medium aspect ratio and medium swept wing tips takes off in the lightest breeze and allows riders to hit the water in well below 10 knots. Get ready to always be the first one out there and to never again wait for the wind to pick up. The OS is extremely fast but at the same time easy to tame as it is very responsive and has a smooth power generation. Furthermore, we eliminated backstall and made it remarkably stable. We spent more than three years on the development of the OS and are very proud of the result. Choose the OS and take off in any breeze.


The OS is a light and reactive kite, supporting you to hit the water in a gentle breeze foiling, freeriding or taking you in the surf.

What We Say:
Responsive and light single-strut kite that has a "flickable" feel in the air. The power is there when you pull the bar in and it shuts down when you push away letting the kite drift very well. This one is a great option for foiling.