North Kiteboarding
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*Great Condition* Demo Rating = 4/5

- Lightly used for 1 season.

- No incidents or repairs.

- Professionally maintained.

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The North Kiteboarding Reach is their three strut do everything kite. It jumps well, turns quickly and is balanced enough to ride with the foil. The Reach is the North kite that you can use as a beginner and never grow out of.

 Tech Specs
  • Proven Teijin TechnoForce D2 canopy material and TechnoForce 160gsm Dacron.
  • Pre-stretched low drag pulley-less bridle creates responsive turning.
  • Exo-Skeleton Dacron frame and struts keeps kite ridged with no flappy flappy.
  • Proprietary inflate valve allows any pump to screw on with no inflate valve needed.
  • Duralite foam padding on leading edge keeps leading edge off the ground to reduce wear.
  • Full bodied wing tip for pull through the turns and looping bliss.
  • Canopy arc and profile optimized for efficient airflow.
  • Neoprene padded foil and mast cover included
  • Kook proof red and green pigtails with trailing edge 
attachments that have only one knot so you have the right 
one every time.
  • Kite repair kit included.
  • Kite bags come in four sizes so all kites have the right sized 
 What We Like
  • The North Reach is the right kite for 90% of their customers. It is easy to ride and has a predictable feel. That makes it easy and stable for the beginner kiteboarder.
  • The larger sizes have a bunch of low end power and still turn quickly.
  • North calls this their “Desert Island Kite” and we agree. This kite works well for all disciplines.
  • We were most impressed with how predictable the Reach is. You always know where the kite is so you can progress at any level.
  • The Reach drifted better than expected so we really enjoyed it in the waves.
  • Surprisingly it is an excellent kite for recreational kite foiling too. The power delivery in turns is slow and steady so it does not feel out of control on the foil.
  • North has been doing a great job with quality control. There is a lot of attention to detail on their products that ensure they last a long time.
  • The bridle line is pre-stretched and then cut so that it will stay the same the entire life of the kite. Most kites the bridle lines stretch and the performance gets a lot worse as you take more sessions. Also, they use thin kite line that significantly reduces drag.
  • The kite pigtails are the same as the bar pigtails. Having one back up set allows you to have a spare for the kite or the bar. They are also green and red like they should be. It is a sailing thing that only took the kiteboarding industry 20 years to get right.