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Kiteboarding Lessons on P.E.I. with Journal Pioneer

Kiteboarding Lessons on P.E.I. with Journal Pioneer

Was a pleasure to have out Millicent Mckay form the Journal Pioneer to experience Kiteboarding on PEI for the first time! PEI is an amazing place to learn the sport especially for any beginners, as we are home to consistent winds, shallow water, and very little kiter traffic!

She began here first lessons in Summerside, learning how to properly set up the Kiteboarding equipment, how to rig her lines, inflate that kite and pick a launching area. After the kiteboarding setup she began to practice her beginner kiteboarding skills with the kite in the air, this includes power dives, one handed flying, and parking the kite into the wind window. These maneuvers once mastered are stepping stones to being able to properly dive the kite through the power zone once you began your board starts.

Millicent pick up kiteboarding in a matter of 2/3 hours, she had developed her kiteboarding control with the kite to enough of a comfort level to be able to start into board starts!

We are thrilled and excited to get Millicent out for her first ride on the Kiteboard here in PEI, we look forward to the next windy day to help her finish her Kiteboarding lesson with us and become certified as a level 3 kiteboarder. If you would like to learn how to kiteboard in pei with us please send us a message to book a lesson on the next available windy day.

Thanks again Millicent, look forward to seeing you out on the water again!