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Welcome to the Kites section of Kite Arcade! We offer a wide selection of kites from all leading kitesurf brands in the industry, including North, Core, Eleveight, Ocean Rodeo, and Cabrinha Kiteboarding. Choose from a variety of kites designed for different disciplines such as Allround/Freeride, Wave, Lightwind, and Big Air

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Welcome to the Kite Arcade Q&A on Kites. Deciding on the perfect kite can be a challenge, particularly if you're a beginner venturing into the exhilarating world of kiteboarding. To assist you, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions by kitesurfers along with their answers.

Q: Which kite is the best kite for me?
A: The "best kite" for you is the one that ensures maximum enjoyment on the water. Your ideal kite will depend on factors such as your preferred kitesurf discipline, riding style, skill level, weight, and local spot. It's important to note that your ideal kite may change over time as you progress in the sport.

Q: What are the differences between freeride, freestyle, wave, lightwind, and big air kites?
A: Each kite is designed to cater to specific riding styles and the unique needs of various kitesurfing disciplines:

  • Freeride Kites: These versatile kites are great all-rounders, providing a comfortable ride and easy jumping capabilities.
  • Freestyle Kites: Responsive and designed for unhooked freestyle tricks, these kites offer excellent drift and slack.
  • Wave Kites: With their speed, light bar pressure, ample depower, and exceptional drifting abilities, wave kites are ideal for wave riding.
  • Lightwind Kites: Constructed with lightweight materials, these kites excel at generating power efficiently in light wind conditions.
  • Big Air Kites: Offering a high bar pressure, immense power, and impressive lift and hangtime, big air kites are perfect for boosting big jumps.

Q: Which kite brands does Kite Arcade stock?
A: Kite Arcade proudly stocks all premium kite brands. To learn more about each brand, you can visit their respective websites through the links provided below:

  • Cabrinha: LIVE FREE. RIDE FREE.
  • Core Kiteboarding: PREMIUM KITES & BOARDS
  • Eleveight Kiteboarding: OUR PASSION IS YOURS.

Q: How many kites do I need for kitesurfing?
A: While it's possible to start with a single kite, having at least two kites allows you to cover a broader range of wind conditions. For most riders, a complete set consists of three kites. However, if you explore multiple disciplines, you might consider acquiring specialized kites for foiling or freestyle. Remember, when it comes to kitesurfing gear, there's no such thing as having too many options!

Q: How do I choose the right kite size?
A: Selecting the appropriate kite size depends on factors such as the size of your existing quiver (the number of kites you own or plan to purchase), your body weight and size, local spot conditions, and your preferred style and discipline. Typically, most riders opt for two to three kites: a smaller kite for strong winds and storms, a kite suitable for average wind speeds at your local spot, and a kite designed for light wind sessions.

Q: Which kites are suitable for beginners?
A: For beginners, all-round/freeride kites and wave kites are often the most suitable options. These kites meet four essential requirements for beginner-friendly kites:

  1. Good upwind abilities
  2. Forgiving flight characteristics
  3. High versatility
  4. Easy relaunch

Have more questions about picking the perfect kite? Don't hesitate to reach out to our Kite Arcade staff and get a fast and reliable update on any Kiteboarding Bar questions!

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