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Nova Scotia Kiteboarding
Prince Edward Island Kiteboarding Lessons

Welcome To The KITE SCHOOL

Offering kiteboarding lessons in both Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island this spring, summer and fall. Learn to kiteboarding with Kite Arcade this summer!

Where do you want to learn?

  • Crescent Beach, Nova Scotia

    The BEST south shore Nova Scotia kiteboarding location to progress your skills! Our instructors have grown up kiteboarding along crescent beach with 1,000's of hours in the water. If you are looking to learn to kiteboard in Nova Scotia, this is the spot!

    • Large Sandy Playground
    • Un-crowded, Easy Launching Area
    • Flat Water Freestyle Bay on Easterly Winds

    Want to learn more about kiteboarding in Nova Scotia? Click the link below!

  • learn to kiteboard in PEI

    Malpeque Bay, Prince Edward Island

    Home to the world-famous "Kite Point" or as locals like to call it "butter bay", learning to kiteboard in Prince Edward Island is a newbies dream come true. With massive shallow bays, grassy launch areas, and steady winds. If you are looking to learn to kiteboard in Prince Edward Island, this is the spot!

    • Massive Shallow Flat Water Bay
    • Warm Summer Temperatures
    • Consitent Steady Winds From The South

    Want to learn more about kiteboarding in P.E.I. ? Click the link below!

Kiteboarding Lessons

Find the perfect lessons to fit your learning style. From 1-1 with pro coachs to group lessons with a friend, get out on the water this summer with us!

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