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Are you in search of a new kiteboard? Look no further! Kite Arcade offers an extensive selection of twintip and directional kiteboards from all the leading kite brands, including North, Core, Eleveight, Brunotti, and many more! Whether you're a beginner or a pro, Kite Arcade has the perfect kiteboard for you. If you need personalized advice regarding your next kiteboard, you can reach out to us via phone, email. We understand that purchasing a new kiteboard can raise questions, so we have provided answers to the most common inquiries at the bottom of this page. See you on the water!
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Buy Kiteboard Online at Kite Arcade Kite Arcade is Canada’s biggest (online) kiteshop, and it's the perfect place to purchase your next kiteboard, whether you're looking for a twintip or a directional kiteboard. 

At Kite Arcade, we only sell the best kiteboard brands to ensure top-quality and safety for kitesurfers worldwide. We offer worldwide shipping at a fair price, and when possible, we provide VAT-free shopping. Our vast stock includes various types of twintip kiteboards, such as freeride, freestyle, big air, and lightwind kiteboards, catering to beginners and pro kitesurfers alike. We're also here to assist you in choosing the right directional surfboard! If you have any questions about your next kiteboard, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Frequently Asked Questions when Buying a New Kiteboard: Which kiteboard is best for me? What is the difference between a twintip and a directional kiteboard? What is the best kiteboard for beginners? Which kiteboard size do I need? Does my kiteboard come with fins? Does my kiteboard come with bindings or straps? Which kiteboard brands does Kite Arcade sell? Should I use a leash on my kiteboard? How do I take care of my kiteboard? Does Kite Arcade sell hydrofoil kiteboards? Does Kite Arcade have kiteboards on sale?

Which kiteboard is best for me? At Kite Arcade, we prioritize finding the perfect kiteboard for you. The best kiteboard depends on several criteria. First, consider whether you want a kiteboard for wave surfing (directional) or regular riding (twintip). Second, your kitesurfing level plays a crucial role. Beginners have different demands for certain kiteboard characteristics compared to professionals. Specific factors to consider include rocker, channels, and flex, which contribute to a kiteboard's performance. Lastly, selecting the right kiteboard size is essential. This decision depends on your kitesurfing level and weight. As a beginner, it's advisable to opt for a slightly larger board for easier water starts and improved upwind riding. Similarly, heavier riders generally require larger kiteboards. These considerations apply to both twintips and directional surfboards. For personalized advice and to find the best kiteboard for you, feel free to contact us.

What is the difference between a twintip and a directional kiteboard? There's a significant distinction between twintip and directional kiteboards. Twintip kiteboards are the most commonly seen and are often used by beginners. They have a parallel outline, two bindings, and four fins. Twintips excel at going upwind and are perfect for big jumps. They come in various types, including freeride, freestyle, wakestyle, lightwind, and big air. Click here to explore our complete twintip collection. Directional kiteboards, on the other hand, resemble surfboards and are favored by kitesurfers who love riding waves, engaging in strapless freestyle, or pursuing lightwind kitesurfing. Browse our range of directional surfboards for kitesurfing by clicking here.

What is the best kiteboard for beginners? For beginners, it's recommended to start with a twintip kiteboard. The best twintip kiteboard for beginners typically features low rocker and soft flex. These characteristics facilitate easy upwind riding (low rocker) and provide a comfortable kitesurfing experience (soft flex). Many twintip kiteboards meet these criteria, with each major brand offering a specific model tailored for beginners. In summary, look for a kiteboard with:

  • Low rocker
  • Soft flex
  • Relatively large size

Which kiteboard size do I need? Choosing the right kiteboard size is crucial. Starting with twintip kiteboards, beginners often benefit from slightly larger boards than they would typically select. This enhances water start proficiency and upwind riding. The appropriate size depends largely on your weight. For instance, a rider weighing 80kg would typically require a board in the range of 136-141cm. However, kitesurfing level and preferred riding style can also influence the size selection. As you progress and improve your kitesurfing skills, you may require a kiteboard with different characteristics, such as increased rocker, additional channels, and improved responsiveness. At that point, you would be looking for a high-performance twintip kiteboard tailored to your specific riding style, such as freeride, freestyle, wakestyle, or big air. Choosing the correct size for directional surfboards is slightly more complex as it involves considering both length and volume. Beginners or those using the board for lightwind sessions typically benefit from a board with more volume and length. On the other hand, riders tackling powerful waves often prefer smaller directional surfboards with less volume for enhanced agility.

Does my kiteboard come with bindings or straps? All twintip kiteboards are sold without bindings to provide you with the freedom to personalize your kiteboard with the best or most aesthetically pleasing bindings. Some surfboards come with straps, and if a directional surfboard includes fins, it will be specified in the product's features section.

Does my kiteboard come with fins? At Kite Arcade, all twintip kiteboards are sold with fins and a grab handle. However, not all directional surfboards come with fins. This is due to variations in fin size and stiffness, which can differ according to individual preferences. If a surfboard is sold with fins, it will be indicated in the product's features section.

Which kiteboard brands does Kite Arcade sell? Kite Arcade offers kiteboards from all major brands, as well as select brands specializing in creating top-quality twintip and directional surfboards for kitesurfing. Here is a list of the brands whose kiteboards we sell:

  • Brunotti: twintip and directional surfboards
  • Core Kiteboarding: twintip and directional surfboards
  • North: twintip and directional surfboards
  • Eleveight: twintip and direction surfboards

Should I use a leash on my kiteboard? Using a leash on a twintip is strongly discouraged as it can be highly dangerous. The leash causes the kiteboard to return to you after a crash, potentially leading to severe injuries. There have been numerous incidents where kitesurfers were struck by their twintips while using a leash. If you absolutely must use a leash, opt for a roll leash. For directional surfboards, the situation is different. While it may not be necessary when surfing small waves, it can be useful when riding at distant reefs in the open sea. However, caution must always be exercised, as the board can still hit you due to its connection to your body.

How do I take care of my kiteboard? Kiteboards generally require minimal maintenance. Twintip kiteboards, in particular, are highly durable and can last for years with proper usage. On the other hand, directional surfboards are more fragile and may require a bit more care. It's important to regularly inspect your board for dents or cracks, as these can occur over time. If you notice any damage, it's advisable to repair it promptly to maintain the board's performance and longevity.

Does Kite Arcade sell hydrofoil kiteboards? At Kite Arcade, we offer a wide selection of hydrofoil kitesurf boards, wings, and masts. We carry hydrofoils from all major brands, as well as specialized brands like Moses and Levitaz. We have the perfect hydrofoil for every skill level. You can explore our kitesurf hydrofoil section by clicking here.

Does Kite Arcade have kiteboards on sale? Yes, at Kite Arcade, we always have a kiteboard sale section where you can find twintip and directional kiteboards from previous years at discounted prices.

Thank you for shopping with Kite Arcade, Canada trusted kiteboarding supplier!

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