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Mystic Warrior 2021 Waist harness

Legendary waist harness with clicker bar 5.0 spreader bar

When you think of a waist harness, you quickly think of the Mystic Warrior. Before the advent of the hardshell, it was Mystic"s showpiece for years and one of the brand"s most popular models. This is because this harness has a very good fit and is made to be enjoyed for years to come. The quality of the Warrior still keeps up with the times and if you just don"t have a budget for a hardshell, the Warrior is just a very good harness. It is comfortable, has great looks and comes in 4 different colors.

The Mystic Warrior 2021 is equipped with a 3D molded interior to fit your waist well. You immediately have the locked-in feeling and it stays in place while kiting. The anatomical back plate offers sufficient support for a softshell harness. The Warrior 2021 comes with a spreader bar, so you can get on the water immediately!

  • Mystic Warrior 2021 Waist harness
  • Excellent price / quality
  • Soft neoprene edge
  • 3D preformed interior
  • Anatomical back plate
  • Flex covers
  • Fix Foam
  • Includes clickerbar 5.0
  • Battle Belt
  • 4 colors