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Marshall Wetsuit | 5/3mm | Front Zip | 2022

$330.00 CAD $390.00

Men's Wetsuit

Year: 2021 | Thickness: 5/3mm | Zip: Front

Color: Night Blue

Take a look at the new 2022 Mystic Marshall 5/3mm Front-Zip Men's Wetsuit

Mystic worked tirelessly when designing this product to ensure a snug fit that adapts to the movements of the human form. This wetsuit is built in with Fox Fleece lining on the chest and back, keeping your upper body warmer than ever, even in the chilliest of sessions.

This wetsuit is also built in with 4-way stretch Hex-tech kneepads and a shin protection layer keeping uour lower legs protected from damage at all times. The Glued blind stitched seams and critical taping do an outstanding job at keeping the cold water out and the warm water in! There is really not much more you could ask for from this wetsuit!


- M-Flex Neoprene 100%: Durable neoprene with great stretching capabilities, that doesn't compromise on comfort or warmth
- Fox Fleece: Big loops in the fabric create a high pile lining that holds air or extra insulation. It holds less water enhancing the fast-drying abilities of the fabric. With its superior stretch performance in all directions its super suitable for every panel in all Mystic wetsuits


- Waterproof stretch taping (50%): A neoprene taping is positioned on the critical seams of the suit. This prevents water from coming through the seams on critical points of the human body.
- GBS (Glued Blind Stitch): Stitching method where the panels of the wetsuit are first glued together followed by being stitched halfway through the fabric, making the seams watertight
- Fine Mystic Zip: This is the finest and smallest front zipper used for a smooth and waterresistant closure. The strong metal puller with the rubber fingergrip enables an easy handling.
- Aquabarrier: Silicone printing which forms a barrier, preventing water from entering the suit.
- Hex-tech Kneepads: The kneepads are made of a 4way Super-tex fabric. This is durable fabric especially designed for protection.
- Non slip cuffs: The cuff is designed to limit the water entry and keep the sleeve in place.
- Key pocket 2.0: The standard keyloop is now equipped with a mini-buckle to release your key with ease.
- Aquaflush: Perforated neoprene that allows water to exit the suit, preventing the leg cuffs from filling with water.
- Front Zip: With a zipper on the chest, the suit opens from the top. The overlapping panels allow easy entry, without affecting water closure. Front zips compared to back zips have more stretch in the back panel.
- Shin Protection: EVA padding in the shins lowers the impact of your board by a ton
- Velcro Ankle Closure Straps (included): tightens the ankle cuffs to minimize the water flushing up through the opening

Mystic Kiteboarding

Marshall Wetsuit | 5/3mm | Front Zip | 2022

$330.00 CAD $390.00
Take a look at the new 2022 Mystic Marshall 5/3mm Front-Zip Men's Wetsuit Mystic worked tirelessly when designing this product...


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  • Night Blue
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