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Mystic Kiteboarding

The 2023 Mystic Voltt is the comfiest and warmest wetsuit for your winter sessions. Get toasty in this newest leader of the Mystic wetsuit pack this season.

The new stealth-styling, with straight lines and sharp corners, is most recognizable for the updated Mystic V-Shape on the back and updated to the three different thickness material to give you a suit that is super warm and feels great. 

  • Yamamoto 39 is an eco-friendly, comfortable to wear neoprene made of limestone with a high stretch ratio and excellent insulation properties
  • Knitflex is a fashionable and particularly good-looking neoprene that also has the highest all-directional stretch ratio and a nice soft touch feeling
  • GBS Seams are blind-stitched and triple-glued to produce waterproof seams with increased durability
  • Aquabarrier is a silicone print on your wetsuit in the collarbone area, which prevents water from penetrating via the chest zip neoprene panels
  • Hextech Kneepads use a 4-way stretch Super-Tex fabric to give you stretchy comfort, protection and durability
  • Key Pocket integrated into the suit to keep your keys safe while you're having fun in the water
  • Aquaflush uses perforated neoprene patches on the lower leg to make sure that all water in your wetsuit is drained to the outside
  • Non-slip Cuffs keep your cuffs in place to eliminate water entry
  • Velcro Ankle Closure to tighten the cuffs around the ankle to minimize water ingress